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Greater Chittagong Association (UK) is a social organisation formed for the welfare of Chittagonians living & working in the United Kingdom as well as for assisting the development of Greater Chittagong in social and economic sectors.

The aim of the organisation is to assist the very needy in health, education and shelter in the Greater Chittagong Area and also to assist the Chittagonians living and working in the UK to promote the Bengali culture while integrating within the British Culture.

We hope to achieve this by way of engaging ourselves in diverse range of activities within the framework of charitable, cultural, educational, training, sporting, seminars, exhibitions and presentations.

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4th Milon Mela

Cultural Show & Mejban

Date: 9th October 2022 at 12pm to 8pm
Mayfair Venue, Chadwell Heath

Entrance Fee £10.00 per adult 5 years of age and under gets free entry.
To buy your tickets please contact one of the members from the leaflet.